WOW Watersports 17-1030 Jet Boat Series Towables – 3 Rider


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10 in stock

The Jet Boat series from WOW Watersports is a serious upgrade on an old design. The torpedo or hot dog in-line towable has been around for years but the problem with these items has always been that they couldn’t get outside the wake very easy and on the turns they would tip over because of their high center of gravity. WOW Watersports has fixed these problems with their new patent-pending Flex-Form seating system. Flex-Form seating allows the riders to sit down inside of the tube instead of on top. This lowers the center of gravity of the item and keeps it fast and upright on the whips and turns. This added stability is great for those that want to go fast but also for those that want a safer, less eventful ride. The Flex-Form seating is constructed of a nylon harness to keep the rider’s bottoms from hitting the water as well as a layer of 4-way stretch, UV resistant material for added comfort. HI-VIS color brand edition keeps the tube and riders highly visible on the water. Reinforced front tow point with 11″ 4K EZ Tow Connector for EZ rope hook-up. The Jet Boat 3 towable is a 1-3 person rider with a 510 lb (231 kg) maximum capacity.

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